Name:Android STB

Transfer your current TV or HDTV as a smart internet TV?
Yes, this is your solution. Powered by Android, with this box, you can!

Bring Your TV Alive With Android!
Transform any HDMI TV into a new level of Home Entertainment and Communications
Internet Smart TV Box
Internet browser
Online shopping and watching
Multi Media Player
Social network portal (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
Game player (download)
Applications (download)
View and Share photos
Skype / MSN friends and family
Send and receive emails
TV now becomes an affordable interactive , Home PC that can be enjoyed by the whole family

Share With The Family
Relax together as a family in the comfort of your living room
Enjoy a movie, or browse the internet for shopping, school
Projects your favorite vacation, chat with friends, update your facebook and twitter
Family facebook, it does it all and it is easy to use, now
Internet surfing becomes a family activity.

Main Functions
Enjoy your TV
Surf the internet
Watch movies from Netflix, Hulu...
Play tons of applications developed for Android
Stay with friends via Facebook, Twitter...
Chat with friends via Skype, MSN...

Key Specifications
1.2GHz Cortex A8 CPU
Powered by Android OS
Ethernet jack
Built-in Wifi to link to your wireless router automatically
Full HD 1080P hardware video decoder
HDMI interface
Bluetooth keyboard support (optional)
Bluetooth File transfer
Wireless motion sensor remote control
SD card slot, up to 32GB
USB jack
Full internet browser
Email on your TV
Instant messenger (Skype, MSN)
Weather, calendar and clock widget
On desktop
Online video, music and games